Endorsements & recommendations for trauma, depression, and anxiety counslling in Vancouver for Shahar Rabi.    

Dr. Avraham Cohen

Ph.D., RCC, CCC, Vancouver, Canada

Shahar Rabi is one of the more brilliant and creative people I have ever met, and I have met some brilliant and creative people. Having had the opportunity to spend significant time with him over several years I have been impressed by his powerful presence that is significantly integrated with an enormous intelligence and ability to sense the other and the world. I recommend him unconditionally as a psychotherapist and an inner guide.

PhD., Professor, Faculty of Education.

Shahar's achievements as an intellectual, activist, contemplative, and therapist are immense and extraordinary. He is one of the few people that I have known who can fully encompass such a wide range of human capacities. In particular, I have always been impressed by the quality of presence that he manifests with people. He has a rare level of ability to sense, feel, perceive, attune, and intuit with respect to himself, in relation to others, and to the biosphere.  

Dr. Anne Bérubé

Dr Rabi is offering a great gift to the world with his work as a psychotherapist and a coach. His approach to supporting others is based on extensive professional and personal training as well as in depth educational, psychological, and shamanic studies. His guidance is open, loving, and clear, and invites deep and enlightening insights. Since I have met Shahar in 2006, I have been continuously inspired by his unwavering commitment to human evolution and individuals ability to live a fulfilled, joyful, and meaningful life, no matter what the circumstances are. His faith in the resilience of the human heart is strong and he transfers that faith simply by being in his presence. I highly recommend Dr. Rabi to my clients who desire to cut through the veil of their anxiety, depression, or simply wish to remember the mystery and the magic of their innate Self.  

Dr. Sean Park

Shahar has an extraordinary way of embodying and teaching how the creative soul and the disciplined mind work together in transformation.  He brings together old school spirituality with succinct and practical insights into how to work with human heart, mind, and body in these challenging times.  This is a rare gift.  If you're looking to work with someone with deep skill and compassion for the dark spaces, Shahar unreservedly has the sincerity, courage, and humour for pointing to how you can shine a light in the world.  

Chela Davison

Shahar brings a depth of wisdom and attuned sensitivity to how he engages and meets others that immediately gets to the heart of the matter. I always feel deeply seen, acknowledged and appreciated in a way that enables me to more deeply see and meet aspects of myself that weren't fully available to me. He's incredibly gifted at deeply listening -- not only to what is being said or not said, but also to what is emerging the space and what is called for. Every time I have the pleasure of connecting with Shahar, I am left with a sense of wider space within myself, greater intimacy with my own needs and practical possibilities for how to carry my new found connection and insight into action. Shahar's style as a therapist and developmental guide is dynamic, curious and so deeply honouring. His care and integrity as a practitioner and human being are inspiring and vast. 

Somatic Psychotherapist, RPC, SEP

Insightful, perceptive and compassionate, Dr. Rabi is a harbinger of transformation. I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively leading workshops with Shahar and have witnessed his capacity to hold a sacred space in group process work. He brings creativity, wisdom and warmth to all he works with and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a therapist. 

David Green

Founder at Blackfriars Molitor Addiction Recovery Consulting (BMARC)

After more than 30 years working internationally at C-level within the Healthcare delivery and financing sectors. I have had the pleasure of working with many hospital system administrators, surgeon's, general practitioners, clinicians, therapists and network managers and will attest that Dr. Rabi is in terms of quality, commitment and capability, positioned well within the top percentile. His enthusiasm, knowledge and method of approach both as a therapist and as a business leader meets the highest levels of commendation. Shahar has tremendous integrity, he cares and he can be relied upon to do whatever he puts his mind to. I would not hesitate to recommend him to business leaders and practitioners within his sector.

Addictions therapist, writer, broadcaster.

Shahar is a gifted therapist. He sees the issues quickly and moves into action, always engaging the client in a very full and complete way and with utter respect for the client's core integrity. He leaves a lasting impression and often the client will remember many days later what transpired and you can see that the client is now almost imprinting some of these key moments and ideas into his or her thought habits.  More important perhaps, Shahar is a genuinely warm and decent fellow. Clients and colleagues alike feel safe in his company and we are all propelled by his demeanor to participate. Some of us are lucky. The unavoidable path, the thing that we were born to do becomes evident and we follow that star. When you put all of his studies and interests and work and character together, Shahar emerges as a Master Teacher.


It will be your good fortune to share time and space with him.

Colleen Purdie Fuller

Clinical Counsellor, RCC,

Dr. Rabi is a wise and kind person with a lot of knowledge about mental and spiritual health. He is an expert at seeing what needs to change to make things begin to get better. Highly Recommended.


Shahar is someone who I know I can trust completely. He has unshakable integrity and accountability with his word. I have had the honour of getting to know him both personally and professionally and I feel it is a great privilege to know him and receive his warmth, wisdom, and playfulness. I highly recommend him as a therapist, or in any professional capacity.

IAYT-1000 yoga therapist, ERYT-500 yoga teacher trainer

Working with Dr. Shahar Rabi, and experiencing his passion, insight and drive has been a profound joy. His work as the clinical director at The Orchard Recovery Centre is motivated by a genuine desire to see clients heal, and his work outside of the recovery centre is informed by his strong belief that everyone has an innate connection to the spiritual; his strength as a therapist lies in helping people creating the inner conditions for that conduit to thrive. I am thrilled to be working in collaboration with this extraordinary guide as we move our clients through trauma and into embodied wholeness. 

Peak Wellness in Recovery

“Sharp as a razor”s edge lies the path,” the sages say,  “difficult to traverse.”  The Razors Edge form the Katha Upanishad. We all stumble and fall on our journey through life, with some people needing professional help to bounce back from their setbacks. Helping his client overcome their inner demons—their emotional wounds and self-limiting beliefs—is Shahar’s passion. He uses both his experiential knowledge and his many years of academic study to ensure that his clients gain more self knowledge and awareness, enabling them to move back onto their path imbued with hope and confidence. I have attended several talks by Shahar and collaborated with him on a couple of projects; I know that he brings to each endeavour compassion and dedication. I thoroughly recommend and support the work that he does.

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Shahar always gave me the room I needed to grow, and allowed me the time to process and absorb.

C', North Vancouver

I talk about you all the time and how great and compassionate you are...you truly care and are totally devoted to others needs like no one else I have ever met and am very grateful to have met you, even thou I haven't talked to you in a year now, you are still very much apart of my life.

T', Edmonton

Many years ago Shahar Rabi helped me through a difficult time. In my life today he continues to be a teacher through his posts. Thank you so much for being there for me when I couldn't be there for myself and helping me to see the true gifts and love behind the masks of fear. You are an incredible person through and through. 💖💖

A', Vancouver

Don't change a thing! You speak enthusiastically and with honestly which is reflected by the group. Truly a worthwhile workshop. Thank you. And to people who are coming for the next workshop: You are very lucky to have Shahar!!

J', Calgary

You are a therapeutic genius! 

A', Vancouver

I have had therapists before, but he is absolutely incredible. His approach is unique and was extremely effective for me. He helped me uncover things about myself that no one else could. I will always be extremely grateful for his help in my recovery.

M', Vancovuer

Shahar is brilliant, passionate and humble.   

J', West Vancouver

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