Groups have an incredible capacity to enrich our healing Journey— It is now being more known that we need other people to regulate and integrate. Without a safe environment to explore our feelings and needs, it will be very hard for us to find our our unique self and calling. Groups allow for connection that goes beyond the therapist-client relationships. You get to be seen by others and feel like you matter!


With more then 19 years of experience leading and facilitating groups, I know that these group experience will be a profound transformational tool for you. 

Don't change a thing! You speak enthusiastically and with honestly which is reflected by the group. Truly a worthwhile workshop. Thank you. And to people who are coming for the next workshop: You are very lucky to have Shahar (J' Calgary) 


A cutting-edge group process


There is no healing nor growth without love. And love starts with the understanding that all perceptions are acts of protecting the self. People heal not because they are ‘fixed’, but because they become more in sync with life. But that’s just the start… ​​Without committed, repeated, daily engagements, the change won’t last. ​'Revolution of the Mind' is a bi-weekly group that is therapeutic in its essence but does much more then just that— It is an opportunity to be reborn into new possibilities! The ‘cocoon-ness’ of the program, gives birth to a new view of your life as one that can be more spontaneous, with more pure pleasure that is inexpressible, full of loving kindness and compassion. 

Group meets every second Thursdays, starting June first. 

When: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM 

Location: TBA 

Facilitated by Dr. Shahar Rabi 

$220 per month* (Not including tax) 

Why join?

If we wish to build healthy communities and truly come together, we must initially focus our attention on grounding to develop presence, safety and capacity with others (be in love ones, co-wokrers or members in our community). Once established, we will be able to enter our vibrating & diverse inner world which will allow us to get to know our unique self and it’s one of a kind view point of reality. By knowing self, we can meet and learn to love others. When human beings come together with this kind of capacity, they can communicate In love and have a way to express their common ground, values and uniqueness in community. Only then, can we hold a wide enough vision of our deep connections with ourselves, others and life.

*When paying for the three month minimum commitment.



Addictions research has clearly shown that emotional stress and negative affect contribute to relapse, and therefore that strategies to reduce stress reactivity and improve emotional regulation can help individuals to prevent relapse. One of the most powerful means of achieving both of these goals is mindfulness practice, which provides skills for coping with cravings and tolerating other forms of psychological discomfort that often precipitate relapse. By promoting awareness and acceptance of one’s immediate experience, mindfulness can interrupt automatic conditioned behaviours that ensue from the time of craving to relapse. A growing body of literature on mindfulness-inspired and mindfulness-based interventions for addiction recovery and relapse prevention provide evidence in support of this approach, with reductions in the use of drugs and/or alcohol. 

This Mindful Relapse Prevention group therapy program is one such program. It offers a powerful approach to processing stressors that can trigger relapse, and using mindful awareness to promote desired behavioral choices. The program was designed by Saskia Tait, Ph.D. (C), together with Shahar Rabi, Ph.D., RCC, to support clients to integrate mindfulness and other somatic awareness practices into their lives to help to prevent relapse of addictive responses to life stressors. The program is tailored for individuals in recovery or who wish to prevent future relapse. It integrates some of the most powerful, evidence-based protocols available in a form that allows for rolling admission so that it can be available to people when they need it. In addition to in-person meetings, you will get access to a weekly online (live) practice group to develop and stabilize your practice.    



In this bi-weekly group you will learn how to utilize powerful tools to enhance your recovery. You will be provided with a new 'tool box' of coping skills, self and regulation practices that have been shown to: 


  • Decrease cravings

  • Improve capacity to resist urges to use/drink, as well as to respond impulsively in other areas of life

  • Increase awareness and acceptance (and corresponding reductions in thought suppression)

  • Improve access your higher brain functions

  • Improve emotional regulation capacities ​

  • Improve capacity for presence in your life, with your loved ones, and at work

  • Reduce physical pain, stress, anxiety and proneness to depressive moods

  • Decrease automatic reacting and judgment


Location: TBA 

Facilitated by Dr. Shahar Rabi and Saskia Tait, Ph.D. (Candidate)  

$290 per month with 3 month minimum commitment, including:



Please note that in order to benefit from the Mindful Relapse Prevention program, you are expected to set aside a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes for daily practice. Practice includes such activities as following audio-recordings of meditation practices, and bringing more awareness to daily actions.

Participation is an important component of the program. If you need to miss more than one class, it would be preferable to sign up for a future class.

Course refunds are given for cancellations made up until two weeks before class start date, less a $50 processing fee. After that time, no refunds will be issued.


Course Fee: 

$870 (taxes included) for 3 months**


*  The cost works out to $290 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Thereafter, the course fee goes down to $220 per month for those who wish to continue to attend. 

** We are committed to making this course accessible. Some sliding scale rates may be available for people who cannot afford to otherwise participate . Please email to inquire about sliding scale rates. 


"I have had therapists before, but he is absolutely incredible. His approach is unique and was extremely effective for me. He helped me uncover things about myself that no one else could."

—  M', Vancouver 

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