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Shahar Rabi

Psychotherapist and Life Coach 

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"Shahar is one of the more brilliant and creative people I have ever met, and I have met some brilliant and creative people. Having had the opportunity to spend significant time with him over several years I have been impressed by his powerful presence that is significantly integrated with an enormous intelligence and ability to sense the other and the world. I recommend him unconditionally as a psychotherapist and an inner guide."

- Dr. Avraham Coehn, Ph.D, R.C.C


I believe that you are here because you are committed to overcome the stress and negativity in your life and that you are ready to build new positive habits to substitute for the old ones.

Whether you suffer from grief and loss, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug misuse, trauma, pain management, spiritual and/or emotional crises— therapy should simplify and improve your life! It can make you come alive to what you need and who you are. Therapy can help you get unstuck so you can dedicate your life force to the people you care about and the projects that inspire you.    ​

The success of therapy has much more to do with how you see the world and less with my theoretical orientation. Counselling should provide a healing space for you to explore the feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and relationships that cause difficulties in your life. Come and visit me at my Bowen Island office meet online. 


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From my blog

My approach to therapy is about being together in a functional relationship – like a training ground for all the other relationships in your life - where you can learn how to become a stronger person with a deeper perspective on everything you need to deal with on a daily basis. You will come out of our relationship with proven strategies and evidence based coping skills to deal with your life’s challenges. I want it to work for you. For you to see real results! This is why I only work with only a few clients at a time I can provide the best care— Personal, professional & effective.

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